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    Single-Use Bioreactor

    Product date:2023-05-04


    Single-Use Bioreactor



    BLBIO600-20/50L rocker bioreactor configuration and technical parameters

    A. Main configuration

    1 . System composition:

    The equipment includes the following configurations: swing bed, tray, heating plate, weighing system, peristaltic pump set, gas mixing system, Siemens PLC control system;

    2  Swing bed: use with tray and disposable culture bag;

    Through the control of rocking speed, angle, mixed gas and flow, temperature, pH, DO and other parameters, the culture can be effectively mixed and the shear force can be reduced. It is integrated with a load cell, a temperature sensor, a pH sensor, a DO sensor, and a gas concentration sensor. , Real-time data logging

    2.1  Weighing sensor: it can accurately and continuously measure the weight of the culture, and realize continuous perfusion culture in association with the peristaltic pump;

    2.2 Temperature sensor: It can accurately and continuously monitor the temperature of the culture, so that the system can be adjusted in time to ensure the stability of the culture temperature;

    2.3 pH sensor: It can accurately and continuously monitor the pH of the culture, and can be associated with the peristaltic pump to automatically control the alkali supplement or the associated gas mixing system to increase the CO2 gas intake to adjust the pH value;

    2.4 DO sensor: It can accurately and continuously monitor the DO of the culture, and can be associated with the gas mixing system to adjust the DO value in time;

    2.5 Gas concentration sensor: It can accurately monitor the O2 and CO2 concentration in the culture bag in real time so that the system can adjust the reasonable gas environment in time;

    2.6 Data record: save the operating data of the cell culture process, which can be exported through a U disk to analyze and mine the data on an external computer;

    3 Tray: Installed on the swing bed to facilitate the installation, fixation and replacement of the culture bag, equipped with corresponding cover and quilt

    4 Electric heating plate: It can be heated efficiently and uniformly. The maximum output power of the heating plate can be limited to achieve accurate, stable and fast temperature control effects. There are safety protection measures to prevent the risk of overheating;

    5 Peristaltic pump group: equipped with 3 pump heads for inoculation, harvesting, feeding and alkali feeding. Each peristaltic pump can be automatically controlled in association with weighing;

    6 Gas mixing system: used to provide gas to the culture, equipped with thermal mass flow meters, O2 and CO2 concentration sensors, which can monitor and alarm the tail gas of the culture bag

    7. Control system: adopts PLC control module, self-developed software, Chinese interface, monitors and controls the status of the cell culture process operating parameters by operating a 7-inch color touch screen, with a high degree of integration; provides a friendly interface to display the real-time status of the operation, including Parameters such as temperature, pH, DO, weight, gas flow, O2 concentration, CO2 concentration, pump flow rate, bed swing speed and angle. The deviation alarm conditions of each parameter can be set. If the alarm condition is triggered, the alarm information will be displayed. The running curve and information are automatically saved in the database, and all operating procedures, process data, and editing reports can be easily accessed and analyzed. Three-level user access rights can be set, and third-party data collection and monitoring systems can be communicated.

    B. Technical parameter

    1. Swing bed speed and angle: swing angle adjustment range: 1°-11°, speed control range: 1-40RPM;

    2. Cultivation temperature: the temperature control range isroom temperature-40°C, and the control accuracy: ±0.2°C;

    3. pH: range 6-8, control accuracy: ±0.05pH;

    4. DO: range 0~100%, fluctuation range: ±10%;

    5.Peristaltic pump: small pump 0.1-30mL/min, control accuracy: ±(0.1+5%) ,reading value mL/min, cumulative volume accuracy: ±10% measuring volume; large pump 0.1-150mL/min, control accuracy: ±( 0.1+5%), reading value mL/min, accumulative volume accuracy: ±10% of measuring volume


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